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Thread: Answers To Bradley Smoker FAQ's

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    Default How do I add pictures to my posts; on the Bradley Smoker Forum?

    Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
    Submitted by: Habanero Smoker

    I basically use FLBentRider previous write up as a template for the new version of Photobucket.

    Q. How do I add pictures to my posts; on the Bradley Smoker Forum?

    A. Posting pictures on the Bradley Smoker Forum.

    In order to post pictures, you will need a place on the internet to "host" your pictures. There are several free services that will provide this hosting. is the one we will use for these instructions.

    (Note: Photobucket has changed the version of their site, and as of March 18, 2013 they ended their beta testing and implemented the new site for all members. Though we have updated these instructions to their current procedures; Photobucket frequently changes it procedure on how to post pictures to forums. So these procedures on how to post pictures may change again.)

    Downloading pictures from your digital camera to your computer, and how to sign up for an account are not covered in these instructions.

    This may seem like a long tutorial, but don't get overwhelmed. I've tried to break this down into as many steps as possible. Once you go through this tutorial you will see how smoothly each step moves from one to the other. Also you don't need to do everything in one setting. When I plan to post pictures to a forum, I'll first edit my pictures on my computer. At a later time I will log into Photobucket, create an Album, and upload my pictures. Then when I get around to it, I will again log into Photobucket, and a forum to post my pictures. You can do the same with this tutorial. Create your Album and upload the pictures; then take a break. When you are ready, come back to this tutorial start with section #3 to post your pictures on a forum.

    Before You Begin Here Are A Few Things To Consider
    1. When downloading files (pictures) from your camera, store them in a folder that you can easily remember the name. This makes it easy locate them later.

    2. Prior to uploading photos you should resize (resample) them to a size of 640 x 480 (800 x 600 also will work for most screens and browser). Not everyone has a large screen, and this will save the person viewing the pictures from having to scroll, or zoom out; which can make the text too small and difficult to read. You can use Photobucket's editing tools to resize your photos, but their editing tools don't work well with the OS system and browser I'm using. My observation when I have uploaded pictures, it seems Photobuckets default size is 640 x 485.

    3. Also prior to uploading your photos, give some thought to how you want to organize your photos. Make recognizable folders and subfolders to store your photos. Folders and subfolders are called "Albums" on Photobucket. For example: make an Album (folder) called Smoked_Foods, under that folder make subfolders such as Beef, Chicken, Pork, Sausage Seafood etc. Under those subfolders you can create additional folders such as under the subfolder Pork; you can create a folder for a specific cook such as "Pulled_Pork_2_18_13", for pulled pork you cooked on February 18, 2013.

      When you click on "Library" and the list appears it will look something like:
      Smoked Foods

      I'm not sure how well I will like the new version, but at least they made it much easier to make folders and subfolders.

      NOTE: once you have created a link to your picture, and post that link on a forum, if the link is broken your picture will not be displayed. The most common reason for broken links is when you move your pictures on Photobucket to a different album. So plan ahead. If you want to reorganize later your will lose the links that were posted on the forums.
    1. Opening An Account
      If you don't have an account, when you first go to Photobucket, you will be welcomed by this screen or something similar. Click on the button that reads "Sign Up For Free, and follow the online prompts. If you you already have an account, and Album you want to navigate to, after signing-in, you should click on "Upload", and skip to section #2 of this tutorial.

    2. Creating An Album
      1. After creating an account or signing-in, you will be brought to the home screen. If this is your first time your screen will be different. If you have posted pictures to this site in the past, the last picture you uploaded will be displayed. The name on the screen will not be "New Member", but the name you used when you created your account. The first thing you should do is click on "Create an Album". This will allow you to create a folder that I mentioned above. From this point on I will be referring to the folders as "Albums".

      2. After clicking on "Create an Album", this window will pop up. For more options click on "Add a description" and "(edit)". Though Photobucket suggests giving your folder a snazzy name, I recommend you keep it simple; especially if you are using multiple levels of Albums.

      3. After clicking on "Add a description" and "(edit)" your screen will look like the screenshot below to the left. Here you must give the Album (folder) a name. Adding a brief description is useful, but optional. In the "Privacy Settings" the default for your folder is "Public". You have the option to make it "Private". I suggest you make the album and all albums private. The "Private" setting will only display the photo you have provided a link for. If you leave the setting on "Public", when someone clicks on the link, they can view every photo in that album. If that is not a concern you can leave it "Public". Leave the "Guest password", blank. If you want to make this album a sub-album (sub-folder), then click on "Select Album". A list of your current albums will be listed, and just choose the one you want. As suggested earlier, if you want to post pictures of your lastest Pulled Pork cook, you may want to place in under Album "Smoked_Foods"/Pork. If you have not created any other Albums the only album listed will be "Your Photos and Videos". Next click "Create" and you will be taken back to your "Home Page".
        . . .

    3. Uploading Pictures
      1. You are now back at the home page, and you are almost ready to start uploading your photos. On this screen click on "Upload". You will be taken to the area where you can upload your photos.

      2. On the upload screen, the default location is "Upload from computer", and the album will be "Library" (which will store your pictures in the album "Your Photos and Videos"). You will need to change the album, so you can upload your pictures to the album of your choice. Click on Library, and a drop down list of your current Albums will appear. For the purpose of the pictorial; I need to navigate to the album named "Test Folder" and will click on that. NOTE: if you do not choose an album your pictures will be loaded to the default album "Your Photos and Videos".

      3. Now that you have the correct Album to upload to, next you need to choose the pictures on your computer you want to upload. Click on Browse Files.

      4. For this tutorial I am using a Windows operating system. Window's Explorer will open, and you need to navigate to the folder were your pictures are stored. Once you locate that folder select the picture or pictures you want to upload. If you have more then one picture; hold the "Ctrl" key down while you select each picture. The below screen shot shows I selected four files. After selecting your files, click on Open and your files will be automatically uploaded.

      5. After the files have been uploaded, your screen will look like the screenshot below. Here you see the four pictures I had selected and uploaded. You now have the option to add a title to each picture. You don't have to, but I strongly suggest that you do so. If you have more files you want to upload click on Upload More. For the purpose of this demonstration we are going to click on Continue to Home; which will take you back to the home screen.

    4. Selecting Picture To Post On A Forum
      1. We are back at the home screen, and getting closer to the end. You will notice that in the screenshot, the picture being displayed is the last picture I had uploaded.
        From this screen click on Library

      2. From the Library screen you will navigate to the album your pictures are located, and select them for posting. The Album List will be listed on the left side of the screen, and you should see the name of the album you created. If you do not see your album; scroll down the list to find the Album your pictures are located and click on it. Again, I stored the pictures in the Album named "Test Folder", so I will click on "Test Folder". The numeral "4" indicates there are four files in the album "Test Folder".
        NOTE: If you get to this page, and don't see the list of Albums that should be located on the left side of the screen; click on the arrow above "Show Albums and Stories". Since in this screenshot we can see an Album List, under the arrow it says "Hide Albums and Stories".

      3. Now we are at the album that contains the pictures you just uploaded and want to post to a forum. In the screenshot below you see the four pictures I have uploaded for this tutorial.
        NOTE: On this page you also can easily change your "Privacy Settings" by clicking on the lock icon, and following the online prompts.

      4. Move your cursor over a picture and you will see an icon appear that looks like a gear. Move your cursor over the icon, and a dropdown list will appear. Move the cursor down and click on Get Links.
        . . .

      5. Yet another window will appear. Click inside the box that reads IMG codes (for forums, boards). The box will briefly turn yellow with the message "copied". That confirms that you have successfully copied the codes into your clipboard, and it is ready to be pasted on a forum. The box will return to its "normal" state, and will again look like the below screenshot.

      6. Now you will want to open another window in your browser, and go to the forum site you want to post the picture on. For the purpose of this tutorial I am using Windows Internet Explorer (IE 10), and the Bradley Smoker Forum to demonstrate. In the below screenshot I have my browser window opened to the Bradley Smoker Forum, and another closed window that will opened to Photobucket. To switch back and forth for Bradley to Photobucket, you only need to click on the tab.

      7. You are a few clicks away from posting your picture. Start composing a message on the forum. Somewhere in your message; place the cursor at the point where you want your picture to appear. Next you need to paste the link into your message. To paste the link inside your message, right click the mouse, and select Paste (keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + V). Click on Preview to view your message.

        All the codes necessary are copied into your message. DO NOT make the mistake of clicking on the "Insert Image" icon, then pasting. If you need to post more pictures in your message, navigate back to Photobucket, by clicking the appropriate tab in IE to copy other codes, and follow the same procedure in section #3 of this tutorial.

      8. In the "Preview" screen you can view the message as it will be displayed on the forum. Take a moment to view this screen to make sure your picture is being displayed, it's in the proper location, and it is the picture that you intended to post. If everything looks alright, scroll down and click on SEND.

        This completes this tutorial, I hope it was helpful.

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    Default My Original Bradley Smoker (OBS) has a crack in the plastic face plate.

    Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
    Submitted by: Mike (Mr. Walleye)

    Q. There is a crack in the plastic face plate that houses the temperature slider. Is this anything I should be concerned about?

    A. (Compliments of Habanero Smoker; Photos compliments from Love To Smoke & Habanero Smoker.)
    That appears to be a common defect. If your smoker is still under warranty notify Bradley for a new face plate. If moisture seeps through the crack it can damage your temperature circuit board.

    One member believes that this is a design error, and the crack happens due to the stress cause by the weight of meat loaded in the cabinet. He suggested taking the stress off the front of the smoker. The best way is to raise the front of the smoker by about 1/4". Raise the cabinet at a point where the weight will be resting on the bottom of the smoker; behind the feet. Also raising it will help prevent moisture from leaking out of the bottom of the door, and possibly seeping into the area that houses the temperature circuit board. I did this after replacing my face plate, and haven't had a problem since. I used a piece of 1 1/2 inch pine board, rip cut to 1 1/4" x 1" x 19". Place this board just behind the front feet, using the 1 1/4" side of the board as the height.

    Or you can purchase Bradley replacement rear feet and mount them in the front, just behind the feet of the face plate. To ensure that the weight is off the face plate, you will either have to remove the rubber footing around the front feet that are attached the the face plate, or add a few washers when you install the additional feet. Adding the washers will provide the extra protection, by slightly raising the front.

    Also it is suggested that drilling the top center hole of the faceplate one size larger may help. To do this you must remove the faceplate prior to drilling. You do not want to drill through the threaded area, you will still be using the same screw when you reassembly the faceplate.

    In the mean time, you can seal the crack with a silicon sealer. I believe the one that DAP makes is safe for incidental food contact.

    Materials Need:
    • (2) Bradley Replacement Rear Feet
    • (6) 3/16 x 1 Fender Washers (optional)
    • (2) 10 x 1 Sheet Metal Screws Pan Head*
      • *If you do not use the washers, then use 10 x 3/4 screws. The head of the screw makes it a snug fit, so use the screw driver to seat and screw it the foot.
    • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
    • Drill
    • 3/32 inch Drill Bit; or 1/8 inch bit

    Using the photo as a guide, drill a pilot hole for each foot There are no wires in those locations. The wires to the front faceplate run directly from center front to center rear. Assemble your feet and attach them to the bottom of the cabinet; and tighten until snug. Do Not Over Tighten; or you will strip the thread in the sheet metal.

    Click on photos to enlarge.

    Parts needed to add additional feet.

    This photo shows where the location of the front feet.

    This photo shows the added foot from the side (without washers).

    This photo shows the added foot from the side with washers installed.

    This photo shows how the washer not only keep the original Bradley feet off the surface, but also rises the front.

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    Default Will the Raptor/Guru - DigiQ II (“The Power Raptor Package”) work with all models?

    Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
    Submitted by: Habanero Smoker

    Q. Will the Raptor/Guru - DigiQ II (“The Power Raptor Package”) work with all models? How do I connect it?

    A. Yes! I will work with any electric model; including the digital regardless of the year it was manufactured. The Raptor/Guru now being called “The Power Raptor Package” is a generic name for the electric temperature control devices sold by The BBQ Guru. The options for the temperature control device includes the PitMinder; DigiQ II (earlier versions came with the Competitor); or the ProCom4. Most users are purchasing the DigiQ II.

    If you have a model built after 2007, in order to hook it up you only have to change the power cord (Short Jumper Cord) with a desktop computer power cord. The short jumper cord is the cord that connects the power from generator to the smoker. If you don't have an extra one around the house, they are easily obtainable for Radio Shack, Staples, Office Depot, and I believe Best Buy has them in stock. You will also need a power strip or surge protector, because the hook up requires extra outlets.

    Click on photo to enlarge.
    Photo compliments of Carnie1

    Hookup: The hookup instructions that come with the Raptor/Guru (DigiQ II); may be incorrect; this is because Bradley made a design change after the manual was printed.
    1. Skip this step if you have a pre-2007 model. Later models you need to use a desktop computer power cord and plug the computer power cord into the back of the smoker; instead of the "Short Jumper Cord".
      • If you have the digital models, you will still need to connect the short jumper cable that connects the sensors from the smoker to the generator, or you will get an E-1 error.
    2. Plug the other end of the smoker’s power cord into the back of the Raptor. This connects the smoker (heating element) to the Raptor.
    3. Make sure your power strip or surge protector is off or unplugged. Then plug the Raptor into an outlet on the power strip.
    4. Connect the blower fan cord to the back of the Raptor, and connect the other end to the DigiQ II connector labeled "FAN".
    5. Plug the AC adapter cord to the DigiQ II connector labeled "POWER".
    6. Plug the AC adapter into one of the outlets on the power strip.
    7. Plug the generator into an outlet on the power strip.
    8. Attach the thermocouple(s) you are going to use with the DigiQ II (for the DigiQ you can use one or both probes), and set your pit (cabinet) temperature. Place the pit thermocouple inside the smoker. (Some users go through the vent; others run the wire through the door opening).
    9. Set the smoker to its highest temperature setting.
      • For the original slide the temperature control switch all the way to the right you may want to back it up a hair. (Some members have reported dead zones if it is fully to the right)
      • For the digital you do not need to set the “Oven Temp”; the heating element will be fully controlled by the DigiQ II.
    10. Turn on or plug the power strip into a wall outlet; and you should be set to go.

    For a full report on the Raptor/Guru (Competitor and ProComm 4) click here.

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    Default There is no power to smoker, what should I do?

    Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
    Submitted by: Owner's Manual

    Q. There is no power to smoker, what should I do?

    • Check fuse (located on smoke generator).
    • Check to make sure the outlet, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), has not been tripped.
    • If the above does not resolve your problem, Open the Generator and check for loose connections and unconnected wires. Make sure are connections are secure.

    For digital owners go to Why won't my Digital Bradley Smoker turn on?... for additional information.

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    Default Why won’t my smoker reach the desired temperatures?

    Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
    Submitted by: Habanero Smoker

    Q. Why won’t my smoker reach the desired temperatures?

    A. The Bradley Smoker only has a 500 watt heating element, and if you add the plate burner from the generator that adds another 125 watts to cook with. The smoker is designed to smoke/cook at temperatures between 200 – 250 degrees F; therefore on most occasions that is more then enough heat to get the job done. But you may come across many occasions in which you need the smoker to recover and reach the desired temperature quickly. Other then adding another or larger heating element, here are some things you can do.

    Keep in mind that the ambient temperature, wind, rain and snow will effect the cooking temperature of the smoker. Protecting the smoker from these elements will help the smoker reach the desired smoking/cooking temperature sooner. Some times direct sunlight can be your friend and help the smoker reach its desired temperature faster. Avoid opening the door. Each time you open it a great deal of heat escapes, and some estimate that each time the door is opened plan on adding about another 30 minutes of cooking time. With thinner cuts of meat such as ribs, fillets etc. opening the door to spritz may be alright. Usually the cabinet temperature recovers fairly fast when these foods are in the smoker.

    Always use a separate digital probe thermometer, to monitor the cabinet temperatures, and remember that the heat is higher closer to the heating element and towards the back of the smoker. After the smoke has been applied, leave the generator on for the extra heat. Allow the smoker oven, and generator time to preheat. Many owners preheat 30 degrees F to 50 degrees F higher than they plan to smoke at. During loading and due to the amount of load you will loose 30 – 50 degrees F in heat. Let food sit at room temperature 1 – 2 hours prior to placing the food into the smoker. Try closing the vent slightly (no more then 1/4 open), but make sure that no smoke is backing up into the generator (if smoking chicken with skin, or large loads; try opening the vent). When refreshing the drip bowl use hot water (always be careful carrying and pouring hot water).

    Additional information for the Original Bradley Smoker model (black or stainless steel).
    You smoker does not have a thermostat. The heating element is controlled by a rheostat that increases and decreases the wattage of the element. You must make manual adjustments periodically to increase or decrease the temperature.

    After preheating and loading the smoker if the temperature adjustment is not fully to the right move it to that position; as a precaution back off a hair some members have reported a dead spot if moved all the way to the right. (NOTE: I have never experienced the "dead spot", and Bradley Technologies has reported there is no "dead spot" that they have been able to duplicate.) This insures that the cabinet is working at full power to bring your cabinet up to your desired cooking temperature. When you reach the desired cabinet temperature you may have to move the adjustment to the left to maintain that temperature.

    Also see "What can I do to help my Bradley Smoker temperatures recover?...."

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    Default Bisquettes do not burn completely. Is this normal?

    Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
    Submitted by: Habanero Smoker

    Q. Bisquettes do not burn completely. Is this normal?

    A. After the bisquette is burnt, is should retain its shape, but noticeably be reduced in size. If you break one in half it should have a blackish color throughout. If not you may not have preheated the burner, or the burner is not getting enough power, or the burner may have a residue buildup, or your generator may not be cycling your bisquettes at regular 20 intervals, or worse – any combination of the four.

    If only the first couple of bisquettes show signs of partial burning, that is a good indicator that you did not preheat the burner, or did not preheat it long enough. Turn the generator on and preheat the burner at least 20 minutes prior to loading the feeder tube. I don’t load my feeder tube until I am ready to start smoking, so I turn my generator on when I preheat the cabinet.
    If you do this with the digital you will have to reset your smoke time when you load the feeder tube.

    If all bisquettes consistently or intermittently show signs of partial burning; it could be caused by a dirty burner plate. You will need to clean the face of the burner plate off. The best way to clean it is to use a wire brush, and gently brush off any residue buildup. The use of denatured alcohol helps with the tough areas; just make sure your burner plate is cool. Also several have reported that this happens when they are cold smoking, so the cabinet temperature may have some control over how the bisquettes burn.

    Consistent or intermittent signs of partial burning could also be a sign that the burner not getting enough voltage. Check to see if other electrical equipment is plugged into the circuit. The smoker should be plugged into its own dedicated wall circuit. If not try unplugging or not running some appliances that share the same circuit; if that is an option. If you are using an extension cord, use the shortest cord possible, and make sure it is at least a gauge 12.

    If your generator is not cycling the bisquettes properly click on “My bisquettes advance, but are not cycling every 20 minutes?”.

    If the problem persists contact Bradley Smokers

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    Default Can I use the cold smoke setup with my Digital Smoker?

    Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
    Submitted by: West Coast Kansan

    Q. Can I use the cold smoke setup with my Digital Smoker?

    A. Yes! The cold smoke setup can be used with the digital smokers.

    Solution #1 Radio Shack Adaptaplug:
    In order for the Digital Generator to function properly, the sensor cable must be securely attached to the generator and smoker. Therefore to separate the Digital Generator from the smoker you will need a longer sensor cable.

    The following parts can be used to replace the sensor cable that came with your Digital Smoker. Radio Shack 273-1740 Power Cord (this is a 6-foot cord); with two 273-1716 Radio Shack Adaptaplugs, Type M. When hooking up this cable make sure you have the polarity of each plug correct. Though the price can run you around $26, it is an easy fix. All parts snap together; no soldering is required.

    Leave the power cord (Short Jumper Cord) disconnected.

    Additional Information from Mr Walleye:
    Canada Radio Shack was bought out by The Source by Circuit City. The part number for the type M is the same except it doesn't have the hyphen (2731716).

    Solution #2 Bypass Plug: (DIY project)
    Since the above fix was first published a member has developed a bypass plug, so that no sensor wire is needed to connect the cabinet to the generator, but this fix requires some soldering skills.
    Last edited by Habanero Smoker; 04-12-2013 at 09:34 AM. Reason: Added Link to Bypass Plug

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    Default Why do my bisquettes advance using the Advance Button....?

    Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
    Submitted by: Mike (Mr. Walleye) & Habanero Smoker

    Q. Why do my bisquettes advance using the Advance Button, but are not properly advancing Automatically every 20 minutes?

    A. Solution to the problem by Thunderfish (Terry); Clarification by Mike (Mr. Walleye)
    First check the generator to make sure the movement of the shuttle, or the arm is not being obstructed by anything. If you don’t clean your generator debris from the bisquettes can build up in the tracks and prevent the shuttle from fully advancing. Also wires inside the generator can block the movement of the arm that pushes the shuttle, so make sure it has a clear path.

    This has worked for many members, but Bradley Tech. reports that the motor can run either way without problems. I have used this to correct the problem on a couple of occassions, and it has worked for me. Anyway, it is worth a try if all else has failed. For the automatic time cycle to operate properly the motor must run counter clockwise. There are times the manual advance cycle will come out of synchronization with the automatic timed cycle. This could be caused by a voltage drop or some other electrical interference while the generator is running. When this occurs the automatic timed cycle will run the motor clockwise. This prevents the switch and contacts from activating in the proper sequence, and prevents the bisquettes from advancing. Generally the motor will self correct, but there may be times when it requires an owner’s intervention. (Also some have reported that when the motor runs clockwise the armature does not turn smoothly.)

    To correct this problem, turn the generator on, and push the Advance Button to start the automatic timed cycle. This will start the automatic timed cycle at the beginning of its 20 minute cycle. This gives you the opportunity of not having to stand around. You can leave and return about 18 minutes later. In approximately 20 minutes the automatic timed cycle will begin to move the mechanism (you should hear it start to cycle) pull the plug on the generator while the mechanism is moving, then plug it back in. The motor should correct itself, begin turning counter clockwise the next time it cycles, and it should start advancing your bisquettes normally. Load two bisquettes; or if you have some Bubba Pucks load them instead to check if the generator is properly advancing the bisquettes.

    Additional Information from the Bradley website:
    This could be a defective timer unit, or the bisquettes are catching on the feeder tube. First make sure your feeder tube is pushed down, so that is is resting on the inner lip.
    Misaligned Feeder Tube
    Bisquettes Continuously Feeding

    If the problem continues please call our toll free number (800) 665-4188.

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    Default Why won’t my bisquettes advance when I push the Advance button?

    Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
    Information Provided by: Brian; Bradley Tech.

    Q. Why won’t my bisquettes advance automatically or when I push the Advance button?

    A. If you do not hear the motor running after pushing the advance button Click Here. If you hear the motor trying to cycle the bisquette through, then continue with this trouble shooting tip. Click on photos to enlarge pictures.

    There could be a few reasons for this problem. I’ve listed the most common causes. First check the feeder tube. It should be parallel to the smoker (straight), and seated in the generator so that it is resting on the inner lip. If it is tilting like the one in the photo below; the bisquettes will not feed properly.

    Remove the tube, and inspect the top of the generator. The photo below shows the feeder tube coupling out of alignment. If your generator looks the same you need to realign the coupling. Also take a look inside of the coupling; you will see a “lip”. The Feeding Tube most rest directly on that lip. If you insert the tube further it will interfere with the push plate.

    Realignment is a simple fit. Use a flat edge screwdriver and pry gentle up on the metal housing

    If there was no problem with the feeder tube, or after fixing the feeder tube you still have the same problem, check the drive guide and clear all loose wood chips so the push plate is free of any obstacles. By regularly cleaning the smoke generator, bisquette jamming and undue wear and tear can be avoided.

    You can clean the generator by using a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment or use compress air to blow the particles out. After a certain period of usage, many members; after unplugging the generator, will take it apart, and give it a more thorough cleaning. This is only recommended if you feel confident and comfortable in doing this.
    How to clean the generator.

    Before taking the generator apart to clean it, try one more simple test. The problem could be a worn motor, and/or worn linkage. To test this, remove any bisquettes and the feeder tube. From the top of the generator, place a finger down the feeder tube opening; making sure your finger is in front of the push plate. Now push the wood advance button let the plate push up against your finger. If the motor is good, it should put enough pressure on your finger to give you the impression of its going to squish my finger, before it will retract. If the plate stops instantly or turns around with very little pressure against your finger then the motor is worn out and should be replaced. Before ordering a new motor, check to see if the linkage is worn. Inspect the brass colored arms and pin on the motor to make sure they do not have excessive play in them

    A less common cause could be the push plate rails may need to be realigned. Check the sides of the pusher plate, and rails. If you see wear marks on the side of the push plate and rail something is out of alignment or bent.

    On the side you see the wear marks, loosen the two screws that mount the motor mounting bracket to the black plate do not remove them just loosen them. The below photo shows which two screws to loosen for wear on the left side of the push plate. If the wear is on the right loosen the two screws on the right side. Make sure the railing is loose enough to move. This may require some cleaning and removing built up smoke residue. Then push the wood advance button a few times this will let the motor align the push plate find its own center line. Carefully tighten the screws, without moving the rail. Push the wood advance button to make sure the alignment is correct.

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    Default What is the proper internal meat temperature I should cook to?

    Bradley Smoker FAQ's - Answers
    Suggested by: Love To Smoke

    Q. What is the proper internal meat temperature I should cook to?

    A. Internal meat temperature is measured at the thickest part of the meat, and is a combination of safety and preference. The cut of meat; whether it is beef, chicken, fish or pork will also determine what temperature to use. If you compare the USDA/FSIS recommended temperatures with those that most chefs use you will see a wide discrepancy. In conclusion the proper internal temperature can cover a wide range and still be safe.

    For more information on internal meat temperatures click on Meat Temperature Chart; for additional explanation.

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